About us

Savior is a Finnish online store and our goal is to offer its customers new and innovative hunting products for an affordable price and delivered effortlessly.

The goal of all our activities is a satisfied customer and maximum comfort during outdoor moments!


When you buy from us, you buy directly from the producer, meaning you get the best price.


FREE shipping to all orders in Finland and Sweden.


All our products are extensively tested and functional.


Savior Heat is a completely Finnish-owned online store.

Our story

A tough outdoor enthusiast is sure to experience all sorts of adversities on their travels. That’s how we experienced it too, so we wanted to find supplies to solve the problems, but to our surprise, they weren’t available. Savior Heat was created to this emptiness. A completely Finnish specialty online store specializing in outdoor activities.

Created for those who walk their own path

We are constantly developing new products and bringing them to market in batches to keep product development ahead of the consumer. We want to be able to modify products if we get some negative feedback, so our inventories aren’t quite insanely large. Please keep this in mind if your size is not available right now.